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Dec 04, 2012

So I have a few scenes and each ends with a few questions. All out of the box functionality...

The first time through the question slides advance when the use clicks the "continue" button the correct feedback.

On the last question of the scene we change the "continue" button to jump to next scene. Works great.

When/if the learner returns to those slides the submit button has automatically (and rightfully) been replace by the standard navigation. The new next button goes to the next slide.

The problem is that the question of the scene does not have a next slide to jump to. So the new automatically created next button does nothing.  

There is no way to set a trigger for the next button because it doesn't exist until after the question has been answered... 

Any but else have an issue with this? 

We going to try to add a "fake" slide after the real last slide that will jump to the next scene... 

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Thor Melicher


I did the same thing you suggested and for the most part it works very well.

I was wondering if you noticed this:  If the participant clicks the Previous button twice:

  • First time to get back to the last question (skips the fake slide)
  • Second time to go back another question

That the Previous button takes the participant back to the first slide he initially clicked Previous on?

If you're not seeing this, would you be willing to attach a sample - I'm hoping I'm just missing something with the trigger I set up!


Bob Wiker

Thor (and everyone),

Try this solution to work around the 'endless loop Previous button' issue that is inherent in the 'fake slide' solution. It works for me. Basically, you set a Trigger in the jumped-to slide that explicitly sets the destination for the Previous button. You must also set up a variable to indicate whether the Prev button should act normally or jump to the page-before-the-fake slide.

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