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Dec 01, 2020

In Storyline 360, I have several scenes. In these scenes I have slides using a Slide Master template which includes a next button.  It has triggers to check the Scene.SlideNumber.  If it equals the Scene.TotalSlides it has an action to jump to the next scene, otherwise the action is to jump to the next slide.  Also in the Feedback Master, for the correct and incorrect feedback, I want the continue button to have the same logic.  The jump to next Scene does not work in the Slide Master or Feedback Master.  For now, my workaround is to add a hotspot on the last slide.  I would like for the Slide Master and Feedback Master to support jump to next scene.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jay!

Thank you for adding a workaround! I know that will help others who are looking to build a similar interaction. 

I'd like to recreate this on my end to determine either a possible solution or report this as a possible bug. Would you mind walking me through the steps you've taken and what the outcome is? I understand how this might be time-consuming and I understand if you'd prefer to return to this at a later date! Either way, I'm happy to help clarify what you're running into.