Custom Next Button not Progressing to Next Scene

Mar 31, 2016


I am currently making a module for a group that wanted a flashing next button. So, I had to create my own next and previous buttons and turn off the next and previous buttons that are on the player. I am not having any problems with the next button progressing to slides within each specific scene, however when I get to the end of the scene, the next button doesn't progress to the next scene. Also, when I turn off the next and previous button controls in the slide navigation, I lose the opportunity to link the scenes.


Thank you

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Cassidy Furnari

Yes I am using triggers. However, since the module I am working on is so big, I was trying to do everything via the Slide Master? Do you think that this is something that will have to be done slide by slide?

As I have it set up right now, the slides advance throughout the scene no problem, however, when it gets to the end of the scene, it doesn't want to advance to the next scene.

Mike B.

Yes, I think that might be your problem.

You can probably leave your Slide Master NEXT button there, as it probably always says to "jump to the next slide". You could then "hide" it or cover it up with another NEXT button, only on the last slide of each scene, and that new NEXT button would point to the first slide in the next scene. There might be a better way to do this, but it's the first thing that comes to mind.

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