Storyline 360 navigation - help needed

Jul 18, 2017


I'm a beginner so forgive what is probably a basic query!! I've created several scenes of slides using a slide master with custom previous and next buttons.  However by default (as far as I can work out) Storyline enables the player previous and next buttons - which I don't want.  I looked on here and discovered that if I select each scene using ctrl A I can then turn the player navigation buttons off, which is great.  However, this has also removed the triggers on the custom buttons! What am I doing wrong? Do i need to go back into every slide (almost 80 of them) and recreate the triggers on my buttons?

thanks for any advice


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Michael Bauer

Hi Jess

I think I understand ... I think ... haha ... perhaps go in to the Slide Master and just double check the triggers are there. Select all slides, right click, Apply Layout, and select a different one. Then repeat and select the layout that you want. This might be a quick fix for you (just depends on what you had your navigation buttons doing on each of the screens).

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