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Jan 10, 2019


I was just wondering if there was any way to add an option to a course (Rise and Storyline) to allow the student to change the colour theme and font of a lesson? When developing material we obviously make sure that colours and fonts are as accessible as possible but unfortunately there will always be one studnet that has a problem and often this can be down to the fact that on Rise the background is always white. If there was a way for the student to change it they could adapt it to suit their own personal needs.

If Articulate does not currently support this is there a possibility of this being looked into and developed in the future?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Edwina!  Thanks for sharing your ideas here.  Currently, the learner can't change the theme colors of your courses.  I'm going to share your scenario with my team, though, and you'll get a confirmation of your feature request!

With Storyline, you could build a branched course with an option to choose the color scheme at the beginning for your learners.  Some folks have also used slide layers to show different versions of the content based on what the learner selects.  Creative workarounds, for sure!

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