Accessibility: Screen Reader Giving Wrong Names to Radio Buttons

Nov 03, 2020

I'm testing my Articulate Storyline project with the NVDA screenreader, and noticed that when it gets to a slide with a quiz question, it will read the names of each radio button before reading the answer option, e.g. "Radio button not checked 4, all of the above." But the numbers are wrong. The first radio button is read as radio button 2, the second as radio button 3, and so on. It doesn't read radio button 1 at all. I've checked the names of the radio buttons in my project and the names are all correct. Additionally, when I right click on a radio button within Storyline and click Accessibility, the alternate text shows the right number (e.g. Radio Button 1). I've attached my file for reference, and I've been reviewing it here through Chrome on Windows.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sarah!

I'm happy to help! Most radio buttons are grouped with text. I'd recommend changing the Knowledge Check to a Graded Question. In that case, you'll be able to tab to the first radio button and then move through the following buttons by using the up and down arrow keys. Using a Graded Question will also make sure you hear "Radio button 1 Yourself not checked".

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Sarah Nechamen

I just tried that, and now I'm having a different problem. Some of the buttons read out just the number, without giving the answer text at all, e.g. "radio button not checked radio button 1." And others read the answer but not the number, e.g. "radio button not checked one year." I'd be fine with having the answer but not the number, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason for which way they go. Here's one of the questions I edited:

And I've attached the file too, but keep in mind I've only edited slides 1.19 and 4.16 at this point. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sarah!

Since you're creating your own quiz slide, there is one more manual task. In the Focus Order, you'll need to change the Alternate Text to reflect what you want the user to hear. This is why you're hearing "Radio Button 1" and "Radio Button Not Checked One Year." Here's a quick screen recording where I show you how to change this. Link

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