Accessible download version of elearn - Quizzes

Aug 23, 2023


We often have users who prefer a downloadable version of the training. Whilst we ensure that our courses are as accessible as possible and whenever new accessibility fixes are made, we update our elearns... However, there are users who just prefer a word version. 

We intend to provide a word version of our online training; however, my question is in regard to quiz questions. What is best practice? Exclude them from the download version which only contains content? If we do include them, do we provide the correct answer somehow? 

Also, should the download version contain an acknowledgment that they have read all the information? 


Many thanks!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ray! 

I'm interested to hear how other authors approach this! My first thought is that if you're creating a Word version, it might be helpful to show the correct answer on the following slide or show all the correct answers on a slide at the end instead of a Results Slide.

I would also check in with the people at your organization to see what they'd like to see in the Word version since most trainings are hosted in web environments.