Accessible Text Not Working in Storyline 360

Nov 09, 2023

I've been trying with little success to replicate the accessible text functionality demonstrated in this support article

After adjusting the font controls in Google Chrome, the slide text in the published course does not change size. The leading (space between the lines) increases, but the text itself remains unchanged. The labels on the player controls do get larger, but they both overlap and underlap the slide, making them unreadable.

Images for reference:

Chrome Font Controls - Small

Chrome Font Controls - Large

Making matters worse, accessibility extensions (including Helperbird, as shown in the support article's demonstration) also have no effect on the text. Here are images illustrating that problem as well:

Helperbird - Small Text

Helperbird - Large Text

In my Storyline project, I have:

  1. Upgraded the project text
  2. Set the course to display accessible text by default
  3. Set the text box autofit options to "Fixed Size" and "Add Scroll Bars"

Guidance here would be appreciated. I have attached the Storyline file for inspection. 


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out!

I did some testing on Google Chrome and found that the Helperbird browser extension is able to alter the visual appearance of websites but not the published output of a Storyline 360 course with accessibility features turned on. It also looks like the version of Helperbird used in the support article is a bit older than the one that is available for download, which could explain the differences in the behavior. 

I opened a support case on your behalf so we can have our support engineers take a closer look at why Helperbird is unable to change the display of published courses from Storyline 360. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and someone will be in touch shortly via email to help troubleshoot the behavior!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi James!

I appreciate you sharing what you are experiencing with your Rise 360 content.

Have you uploaded the published SCORM output to your LMS for testing, or is this happening when opening the file on your local machine?

If you're testing in the intended environment and still experiencing an issue with Helperbird, please share which feature is not working for you.

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the additional details, James.

Is the issue that you're getting the "Can't interact with the page" message from Helperbird? 

Since all of your options are off, I'm not sure which ones you're testing, but I recorded a quick video using a few standard settings:

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Word spacing
  • Line height

It seems to be working as intended and is attached to this reply.

James Foster

Thanks Leslie,

The 'can't interact with page' was using a local version of the SCORM. More or less all of the Helperbird options are not applied when in Preview, Review360 or exported - only when I'm in edit mode does it work (see attached).

To be sure, I'm on Windows 11 using Chrome v. 120.0.6099.217 (Official Build) (64-bit) though have tried this also on a Windows 10 device on MS Edge. I'm also on the free version of Helperbird.

I'm also using SCORM 2004 v4. I notice that when exporting to xAPI and uploading to SCORMCloud, it works fine.

Your example suggests there is a solution I'm missing somewhere!

Leslie McKerchie

You're correct, James. I apologize for missing that in your previous post.

I am also seeing the different behavior from the SCORM output and xAPI output from Rise 360 when using the Helperbird extension.

I've shared this issue with our team to investigate and linked it to this conversation so we can update you.