Acknowledgments with Multiple Tracking

Sep 16, 2020

Hello All!

I was curious if anyone could help out. I have a client that has acknowledgments at the end of their compliance courses. Right now they are in Rise so if the user clicks yes it moves to either the next acknowledgment or to completion, depending on how many acknowledgments there are for that course. If the user clicks "no" then it sends and email and marks the course as incomplete. 

Now the client was curious about tracking on two acknowledgments. They want to track them separately. The trick is that not all personnel will need to acknowledge the second one because they may select N/A. 

So, this is what is needed: 

1. User clicks yes to first acknowledgment and no to second acknowledgment, is there a way to track both answers and mark the course incomplete?

2. User clicks yes to first acknowledgment and N/A to the second acknowledgment is there a way to mark the course complete? 

I am thinking it might be easier for them to do this outside of Rise or Storyline by using a Survey Monkey or something like that but if there is a way to keep it in Rise or Storyline that would be best. 

I am not a coder so please respond in simple terms!

Thank you, Ronda


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