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phil gervais

I read that thread but I don't really understand what her conclusion meant:

"AFT is only available on a slide that has NOT been saved on one slide. Once she inserted the video as step-by-step, we were both able to access the Action Fine Tuning on one of the step slides."

I have over a hundred video clips, created in Storyline, in this presentation and the "Action Fine Tuning" option in the menus is gone for all of them.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Phil and welcome to the community!

It sounds like she may have been inserting as a single video screen recording, but after inserting as a step-by-step (which produces multiple slides) she was able to use Action Fine Tuning. 

If you already have screen recordings in your project, you can insert one of them again in a different "mode". If they're still in your project, you won't have to record again. 

To do this, click on the "Record Screen" drop-down menu. Select the previous recording that you've used. In the next window, select "Step-by-step slides". 

Once your recording has been inserted as step-by-step slides, you can now select the slide you'd like to modify. Right-click on the content and you should now be able to use Action Fine Tuning on the content. 

Let us know how it goes!