Action fine tuning not updating on slide

Jul 09, 2014

I'm working with Try mode slides from a Screencast recorded in Storyline. When I try to update a segment in the Action Fine Tuning screen, per the "Editing Screen Recordings" article, everything seems to work fine and the preview in the AFT screen looks right. But after I hit OK to exit the AFT ... in the slide preview and in the preview of the full story, the screencast clip on that slide has not updated. It is still using the original clip's start/end timing.

Could someone tell me what might be wrong?

I haven't found another thread or documentation about anyone having a similar problem.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivia and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior you're experiencing, and I just wanted to confirm that you're previewing the entire slide itself and not just looking at the screen recording object within the timeline. The overall length of the object in the timeline may not change if you've trimmed it or changing the overall length using the action fine tuning. If you're previewing the slide itself or the entire project and it's still not appearing correctly I'd want to first check that you're following along with the guidelines here:

If the behavior persists and you've been working as described above, could you share the .story file here with us?

Olivia Castello

Yes, I have checked all this per a previous thread I found in the forums. I am working on the C: drive. the file name is ILLProject.story the path name is 68 characters: C:\Users\ocastello\Documents\My Articulate Projects\ILLProject.story

The changes start/end frame changes I've made in Action Fine Tuning are not reflected in any of the previews via:

- the Play button at the bottom of the timeline

- the Preview --> This Slide button

- the Preview --> Entire Project button.

I do need it to work in Timeline because I'd like to set cue points so that my pop up captions align exactly with certain points in the screencast.

I'm attaching a .story file with an example of a problem slide... and I will post a screencast of the AFT not working momentarily (it seems the post will only take one attachment at a time).


Olivia Castello

I had been screen recording and inserting the screencast using "Try Mode" to try to save time in creating interactive software/web simulations. Via a support ticket... I got a resolution to this problem described above.

Though it seemed to me, from reading the "Editing Screen Recordings" documentation, that you can: 1) edit the start and end frame of any "Try Mode" slide's screen recording action in the Action Fine Tuning editor, 2) click OK to close the editor and then 3) expect that the modified clip with your new starting/ending frames will play in all the preview modes and in the slide editor view as well... that actually does not seem to be the case.

There were two workable solutions:

1) edit the screen recording action in the AFT editor... then set a slide trigger to Play Media - Screen Recording Action - when Timeline Starts.... and just accept that the editted recording will not play in the slide editor view.


2) after editing the screen recording action in the AFT editor... right click on it the recording (still in the AFT window) and choose Export clip. Save this to an mp4 file. Close the AFT editor and reinsert the video clip file into the slide. In this case there is no extra trigger needed, and the editted video plays even in the slide editor.

I'll be using number 2. I am posting the resolution here because none of this was clear to me in via the documentation and I also found no explanation in the community forums.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doreen!

Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty with this functionality as well. 

Are you utilizing screen recordings as Olivia mentioned above? Did you check out the solutions that she shared with support?

Are you having difficulty with other projects or just one? Perhaps importing into a new file will assist as well.

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