Actionscript 3/ working on an iPad

May 15, 2012

Has anyone tried publishing a storyline project for the iPad that includes any SWF's with AS3 in? Does it work? 

I don't know if I just misread what Storyline can and cannot do, but I can't quite get it to work and don't really understand how it'd work anyway :(

The main issue I'm having is with an SWF that has a video (with controls) in it and a voiceover, when inputting it into Storyline the audio loops after around 20 seconds; it was suggested that this is because the SWF was published with AS2 and I should update to AS3, which is fine but I still can't get it to work on the iPad... any tips/obvious suggestions would be welcome

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Peter Worth - this page mentions that SWFs will work in the Mobile Player app for iPad, but not with Actionscript/SWF's published for AS2.0, so... if an SWF is published for AS3.0... should it work?

I'm not entirely sure which types of SWF are supposed to work in the player and which aren't, forgive my ignorance!

Is there a difference between the SWF's output in a published storyline file and SWF's created/published in Flash?

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