SWF : AS3 script won't run except for preview image !

May 12, 2014


Here's a very weird one : I made a SWF with buttons that appear "programmatically" on stage with an AS3 script on the first frame.

The SWF itself works perfectly.

When I import it in Storyline I SEE the buttons in the preview image, which mean Articulate knows how to run the SWF properly but when playing the Storyline project (preview or publish) the SWF hangs on first frame.

I suppose Storyline has a hidden external SWF player from where it can grab a screenshot, that's why I can see them on preview image.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

BTW : is there any way to update an imported SWF like you would with an image because deleting and reimporting it on every alteration you make is time consuming ! Is it a feature to ask for ?

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Pierre Jouan

Problem solved !

As I wanted the buttons to be on top on everything on stage I wrote this :


This was OK as long as the SWF was run apart (and when Storyline took the screenshot).

When imported in Storyline, the Storyline movie (a swf as well) became part of those levels and buttons went... somewhere else.

I changed the code to :


and everything is fine (except the coordinates are relative to Storyline, not the SWF)

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