Problem inserting flash (swf) file in Storyline

May 24, 2013

Hey guys,

I am having trouble uploading the following swf file (see attachment) into Storyline. It always appears transparent and I tried adding a Poster Frame, it only added an image but still no display of the carousel.

I also published the story to see if it would preview once published but still no success.

It is displayed correctly in Explorer.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Franky,

I'm not quite sure what's supposed to be displayed in that SWF. I've viewed it outside of Storyline and all I see is the "flashxml" logo. 

Have you tried opening just the SWF file (you can drag it into a web browser, if you'd like) and see if you have the same result?

For example, if you click on and launch the SWF you have attached to your original post, it will automatically open it in the browser instead of downloading it. All that's displayed is the logo.

Even after downloading, that's all I see in this file. Did you create this? You may want to try recreating it, or saving it using a different format.

Franky B

Hi there,

Sorry, I tried it as well and it does not seem to work.

Here is a picture of the file. It is a carousel of people turning with flash.

It opens up in my browser but will not work for you guys because it takes it directly from my computer directory (since it is saved locally) and therefore when guys click on it, you can't see it. I don't know how else to load it on to the site?

It works for me using the HTML document as well as the SWF file since it is saved on my machine, but will not work for you guys.


Michael Hinze

Franky, I downloaded the complete carousel package from the website you had provided (there were a bunch of other required files. I didn't get it to work by inderting the actual swf file into Storyline. That is either because the file itself is in ActionScript 2 ( as far as I know SL requires AS3) and/or it is becuase the swf file gets its configuration settings from the other (external) files. It does work when inserted as a webobject, here is a sample:

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Franky, I have done something similar here

Your Flash file is using xml to load a bunch of external images so you need to ensure all those files and folders are copied into your  storyline output. You have to do this after you publish the storyline project.

In my case, I had to copy all the folders marked in this image to the storyline output folder after publishing storyline.

Franky B

Great! Thanks a lot for the help everyone!

So there is no way to insert a flash carousel file in Storyline, only as a web object? Our department does not allow to install anything unless you have administrative rights. I am therefore unable to download Engage to import the Carousel created through the software, into Storyline.

I can only download an existing flash carousel animation off the internet (which does not need to be installed) and somehow reprogram it with our own avatars inside. I was wondering if anyone knows of a flash carousel animation which could be imported as a flash file but customized with our avatars?

Thanks again.

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