ADA Compliance

Mar 08, 2016

As a new E-Learning Developer at a university, I'm trying to do some research on different ways to meet compliance laws. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Brian Allen
Christie Pollick
Sam Hernandez

I would like to share a few basics that we use at our university.

  • Drag and drop and hot spot activities are not screen-readable.
  • The Notes and Resources sections are accessible by the Tab key. However, individual files under the Resources section may be difficult to access without a mouse.
  • Text located in the Notes section is screen-readable. However, using the scroll bar may be challenging.
  • Do not use color as the only means of conveying information. For example, red for incorrect and green for correct.
  • Add Alt Text to all images made view-able to screen readers.
  • Closed captioning needs to be provided and synchronized with audio and video.
  • Closed captioning must allow the user to turn them on and off.
  • No auto play on audio, screen readers start playing automatically and if this may cause double audio.

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