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Oct 17, 2013


I was wondering if it may be possible to have a pop up working calculator in a storyline course. I built a working calculator as a .swf file and want to be able to call this calculator up in storyline.

For instance, I am creating a math course. Somewhere on the player there is a link titled "Calculator" clicking this would call up a floating calculator. OR in programing terms, call up a frame with a .swf file inside. My calculator expands and contracts depending on a user input so this frame would have to be variable on size if possible.

I know I could post the calculator file on a website and call up the HTML as a web object, but I then get a ridged frame and its messy from a file perspective.

Not holding my breath on this one but it would a nice touch.

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Vaughan Martin


You are awesome. I'm new to Storyline and wasn't sure how the layers worked on the SlideMaster. I wasn't aware that they needed to be toggled using a variable. With your suggestion, I have the calculator 99% working and I can think of about 2-3 more functions I can now do with this new knowledge on the SlideMaster Layers.

I say 99% working because the calculator is allowed to float, meaning the user can drag it around. The problem I now face is I can't have a dragable hotspot or button that readjusts the variable to off to turn off the calculator.

I have a little "x" in the corner but when I drag the calculator the "x" or button or hotspot doesn't move. I tried grouping the .SWF picture of the calculator, nothing works. My last resort is to redo the calculator to have the variable toggle in the SWF file. I don't really want to do that but...

Any suggestions?

Vaughan Martin


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried adding the calculator to the normal state of the close "X". The calc still works in the exported slides but the pesky "X" still is locked to the slide and won't follow the calculator.

Perhaps I could have a toggle switch on each slide which changes the variable. That will take up precious space on the slide but it may be the only way other than redoing the flash. I tried to reprogram the flash but can't pass the adjust variable outside of the calculator and to storyline (this may also bugger things up when published to different formats).

I'm so close thanks to you Phil, I just need to give the close option some more thought.

Vaughan Martin


Unfortunately I can't insert the SWF into a transparent box because the Calculator changes its size relative to a zoom button and 3 popup menus in the calc. So it changes size with the buttons pressed.

I don't know if this worked but I uploaded the Calc SWF file. If only I could pass the "closed Calculator" trigger in the SWF file to Storyline then the problem would be solved.

Thanks for your help Phil, I may give up on this one. Either not have the Calc or just use a toggle switch on each slide.

Vaughan Martin

My Post didn't go through,

Thanks Mike,

I had originally tried what you suggest but the button or hotspot is tied absolutely to the slide layer and won't drag with the calculator. When dragging the calc, the button or hotspot stays in one spot.

There is a variable in the SWF file that is suppose to close the calc, but it only works if the calc is contained in another flash file. I can't retrieve the close.Calculator. command from the SWF hence my wanting to work around it.

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