Add an assessment with branching capability into a branched course

Sep 17, 2014

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Storyline so I would very much appreciate your experience with my course build.

I have built a course which has a role selection page. (4 job roles).

Role A - this adjusts a variable to the value 1

Role B - this adjusts the variable to the value 2 and so on...

This variable is how I have created the branching within the course. (Not sure if it was the best way but it works)

I have been asked to build into the course an assessment which has specific questions for the specific roles (branching to be determined by the selection earlier in the course, as described above.

The course completes based on an 80% pass mark of the assessment


The assessment requirements are described below: (3 question banks)

Role A 10 questions from question bank (qb) 1

Role B 6 questions from qb 1, 4 from qb 2

Role C 6 questions from qb 1, 4 from qb 3

Role D 6 questions from qb 1, 2 from qb 2, 2 from qb 3

My request for help is finding the best way to build in this branched assessment and achieve the overall 80% pass mark to successfully complete the course.

The learner needs to be able to review their assessment answers for correct / incorrect feedback.

I understand this is a huge request and I very much value your advice.

Please take into account my relative newness to storyline but i am a quick learner.

Many, many thanks in advance


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Greg Faust

Hi, Lee, welcome to ELearning Heroes.

I'm pretty sure you'll be wanting to use question banks. Play around with them a bit and see what you come up with.

For this particular application, I think you'll want to do something like:

1) Make your many question banks (qb1, qb2, etc.)

2) Make a separate scene for each role

3) For example, in the Role C scene, you'll include a "Draw from question bank" that grabs the 6 questions you want from qb1. Right after that, you'll want another "Draw from question bank", this time which grabs the 4 questions you want from qb3.

4) At the end of each scene, create a Results slide (New Slide -> Quizzing tab (on the left) -> Results tab (on the top) that is for ONLY the question draws in that scene.

5) In your beginning scene, have some logic that sends the user to the correct quiz scene according to the role they've chosen.

Like so many programming things, it's possible to get way more complicated if you try, but I think that with some fiddling, you can get the above to satisfy the requirements as you explained them.

I don't think it's possible to build variable-based logic into the quiz draws, hence why I think you need a separate scene for each role.

Edit: Oh! And if you're having trouble doing any of the above, don't hesitate to ask questions.

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