Add audio to Sequence Drop-down menu items

Aug 01, 2023


I have a sequence drop-down interaction where users have to put goal steps in the correct order. Users click on the down arrow of each sequence box to select which goal step comes next. I would love to somehow link audio to each goal step choice so that audio plays when each individual choice is selected (or when users hover over each choice). Is there any way to do this?




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Katie Brundage

Thank you Sandeep! I tried that, but unfortunately this is not a drag and drop question-the user has to hover over the shape, click the down arrow, and then select the correct statement from many. I can't figure out how to get the audio to play when the select each statement within the drop down box. I am not certain this is possible. But I appreciate your response!

Eric Santos

Hi Katie,

I'm happy to chime in! Attaching a mouse hover trigger to individual items in a Sequence Drop-down combo box is not supported. You can attach this trigger to the combo box itself, as shown in the screenshot below and in the attached sample Storyline project.

mouse hover triggers to play audio

I'd like to know whether our community members have encountered the same and have developed possible JavaScript solutions!

Sandeep Gadam

Hello Katie, Please accept my apologies for the confusion. I overlooked the title and description. Would you be willing to share the project (.story) file along with the specific audio file for each option here. so that I can re-create the custom drop down interaction with the same content if that helps you. Creating a custom drop down will let you assign a mouse hover trigger to the individual options and the audio can be played as well.