Add terms to Glossary?

Jul 06, 2016


I downloaded a great "Glossary-demo" template that allows learners to click on a word in context then it goes to the glossary to view the definition. Only 8 words fit on the glossary page and I need more.  I tried to copy the page but then when I link the additional words, it still goes back to the original Glossary page.  Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ann!

Thanks for sharing the link to the example that you used. It looks like you shared the link to your published file, but I was hoping for the .story file.

In seeing the template, I assume the issue is that the glossary layer is still opening as defined by the slide master. If this is where you created the second layer, you are going to have to set a Jump to Layer trigger to automatically open the subsequent layer if the number is higher than 8 (as you mentioned above).

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