Adding a layer to a layer?

Aug 17, 2012

Very, very new to this software, and I am pretty much in love.  I understand how everything works for the most part, but what I can't for the life of me figure out is how to get something to appear on a layer.


Using the basic process diagram interaction, I want to put multiple steps inside of step one.

I open step 1's layer.  I add my steps.  Now what I want is for the user to be able to hover over text and an image of what we're talking about to appear.  I tried to make the text a hyperlink, filled in all the trigger info (Show Layer Image 1 when mouse hovers over text), but when I preview the slide, the second I hover over the text, it jumps back to the base slide. 

Any advice?

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Jamie Morgan

There are properties on each layer (click the cog icon at the right of your layer). Some of these settings control whether multiple layers can be shown, whether the objects on the base layer are hidden or not, etc.

If you're wanting to show multiple layers, you'll need to uncheck the option of "hide other layers". For your example, let's say you have a layer called Step 1 and you want additional content to display when they roll over text on the Step 1 layer. You could put your additional content as another layer (let's say you name that layer Rollover). On your text, you'd program a trigger to show layer Rollover when the user mouses over. If the properties on each layer has the "hide other layers" option unchecked, then both layers can be displayed accordingly. You could also just add the rollover information to the Step 1 layer, change the state to hidden, and then have your trigger change the state of the rollover to normal when user mouses over.

Hope that helps!

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