Problems with hover state and audio in Timeline Scenario

Jan 17, 2014

I'm scratching my head over some problems I'm having and am hoping someone can help. I've created a Timeline scenario where the learner clicks step numbers across the bottom of the slide to see what happens in each step of a process. Each step number displays a layer. I've configured both Hover and Selected states for the step numbers in the timeline. Pretty basic stuff. But I'm seeing these problems:

1. The hover state is inconsistent. It works beautifully when you move the cursor forward on the timeline, but it doesn't work when you move backward unless you first move the cursor off the slide and then back on.

2. The scenario involves staff in an office, so most steps begin by first highlighting the person in the office who is handling the step. Then you see a different scene and hear the audio associated with that step. Well, sometimes, if you click around a bit on the timeline and go back and forth among the steps, the layer's audio begins playing as soon as you click the step in the timeline - even though the audio is placed a few seconds in on the layer. Then the audio starts over at the point in the layer where the audio actually exists. What's going on? I just can't figure out why this is happening.

I've attached the source file for this slide. Thanks so much in advance for any insights you might have!


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Josh Uhlig

Although I'm not sure why it is behaving the way it is, one way to fix the audio in issue #2 is to place the steps on separate slides rather than layers.  You would then need to change the on your base slide to jump to the appropriate slide rather than showing a layer.

I did this in the attached version.  I also placed the buttons on a master slide so they wouldn't have to be duplicated on every other slide.  Unfortunately, the issue with the hovering remains, and now the selected state doesn't stick (something to do with being on the master slide).  Grrr..

Kathy Englert

Thanks, Josh, for taking a look at this. Yes, the audio issue seems to be resolved by separating the layers into separate slides. But why was this issue happening in the first place? It seems to me that layers should work in this situation. And the hover issue still exists - i.e. hover state doesn't appear when you move your cursor backwards on the numbered steps. And, yes, the selected state seems to have disappeared. 

I'm hoping there are fixes to these issues that allow me to keep the layers.

Thank you for your help!!


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