Resume timeline after two markers have been visited

Jan 20, 2017

Hello all,

at a certain point two markers appear on the screen and I pause the timeline.

When they mouse over them the pop appears and the their state is changed to visited. The timeline resumes when both these markers state is visited.

 This works for the most part:

  • They hover over 1 read the popup
  • They then hover over the second popup appears.

This is where my issue is. When they hover over the second marker the timeline instantly resumes. I want the timeline to resume when they move the cursor off the second marker and the popup closes.

Anyone know how to make this happen?

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Gary Collins

Ok, wasn't anything to do with the visited state.

After looking at your story you gave me the solution, but it was actually easier than using layers and variables.

I was originally resuming the timeline when both the Markers state was equal to Visited. So of course when the user hovered over the second one it instantly would resume the timeline as both states were equal to visited.

Your solution enlightened me to resume the timeline when they mouseout of the Marker and instantly hover over another object.

So, I added in a hotspot around the two markers and set it's trigger to:

Resume timeline on 'This Slide' when the user hovers the mouse over
If 'Marker 1' state is equal to visited AND 'Marker 2' state is equal to visited.

Thanks for providing your story file

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