Marker states not changing on mouse hover

Sep 04, 2019


I am unable to get markers to change to a visited state when I hover the mouse over them.


I have a visited state set for each marker and have marker options set to Show All On Hover. 


The state changes when I click the markers. So my question is; how do I get the state to change to visited on hover?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Claire,

The Hover state will only work when the mouse hovers over the marker and will reset when the mouse moves away. To get round this, all you need to do is to create a duplicate of your hover state called, for example, Complete and create a trigger to change the state of the marker to Complete when the mouse hovers over it. You then need to deselect the check box marked "Restore on mouse leave" and all should be good.

Your marker will now change to the new state when the mouse hovers over it, but will remain in this state when the mouse moves away. You can also now delete your Hover state as it will no longer be needed.

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