How to ensure all markers remain on screen on a slide

Sep 18, 2019

Hi community

I have a slide with markers set to reveal all on hover. Sometimes when I view the slide in preview/publish mode, some of the markers do not display and I can't work out why. Some of the images on the screen don't always display either. It seems to be random.

In addition, I'm trying to set a visited state for the markers and the related images whereby when the user mouses over the marker, the marker and the image turn to visited state. What I've noticed is that this works, but also I can click the image and it will change the state to visited too. 


Is there a way to stop the images changing to visited state on click and just have them changing on mouse over?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Claire

biggest tip I can give it to make sure you (as the developer) are working locally on your Storyline file (recommended as best practice by Articulate) - working from an external / network / or USB drive can cause funky issues.

Are you testing the course in the intended environment where your users will access it?  Sometimes you can get varying results when previewing vs publish to Review vs publish for deployment to Web or LMS - and are you both using the same browser.


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