Markers, Layers & Triggers

Apr 28, 2021


I'm wondering if anyone can assist me. I have a storyline with a layer that has markers. The learner needs to visit all the markers. Some of the markers have layers. 

I have a trigger, 'When the state of all of the markers is Visited - Change state of Button to display.' This works perfectly.

However, I need to take it that step further and ensure that when a marker prompts the learner to click on an area to visit a layer, this happens before the Button to move to the next slide appears. 

I have a second trigger set up, 'When the user clicks Show Layer 'Completion Notes - Change the state of Button to display. 

When I run the storyline to test it, I click on all the markers and don't click the layer; the button appears.  I'm missing something, but I don't know what.

Any insight is much appreciated.


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Christopher Dawes

Hi Margaret,

You could track the progress using a variable. If the layer has two areas to visit, increment the variable by one for each area and don't show the next layer until the variable has a value of two.

Another option would be to create a T/F variable for each area on the layer and toggle the the variables. This option would require more variables but eliminate the users going to the same area twice and being able to move on without going to the second area. 

Hope this helps,