Markers that trigger slide layers

Jan 08, 2019

I have a slide in Storyline 360 that has 8 markers, each triggering a new layer.  I have set state changes on each marker upon visit, and set conditions on the next button if learner has visited each.  I have each triggered info layer close when that layer's timeline ends.  With markers, there is no order that the user must visit however, regardless of the order selected, whatever the last chosen marker to visit, closes the layer at the end of timeline but the marker's identification box (title) stays open on base layer.  

why is whatever the last visited marker 's title staying visible when all layers have been visited, and all states of markers have changed?

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Cheryl Powers

awesome!  sorry for delay - i'm just revisiting this content and making this change.  Yes, the info markers are triggering a layer of their own.  Yes, I'm using the marker caption box.  when I try to change the transparency it changes the icon, not the actual label - which is set to fill with an outline.  So, see then I set the label to no fill no border and then deleted the text in the label and said to apply to all.  ;-) yeah. thank you.  That was a pet peeve of mine because my LAYERS already used the label's title and information.

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