Trigger marker as visited on one slide by visiting another slide?

Dec 11, 2017

So my situation is this. I have a base layer with a map on it. There are markers on that map. When I click each marker, it needs to take me to another slide that has a video on it. One slide with one video for each marker. Then when I click an image on that video slide, it would return to the map slide. All of that works fine. 
But on that map slide, that marker needs to be marked as visited now so I can use those visited markers to activate the next button when all the markers have been visited. 

The problem is, every time I return to the map slide from one of the video slides, everything is reset. None of the markers are marked as visited. 

Normally I would accomplish this task with layers. One video on each layer and each marker would bring up a different layer. The problem with that is Articulate itself.  It seems to hate video on layers. Sometimes videos don't show up at all, sometimes they show up as black boxes you have to click to play even though you have autoplay selected, and sometimes they work as desired and everything is fine. Of course everything looks fine when you preview in articulate, but when you publish, that's when things fall apart. So I need a work around.  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mike

Do you have the slide set to 'resumed saved state' and are you using the default 'visited' state or a custom state to track the marker states.  Might pay to use variables for each marker with a trigger on the slide each marker goes to to adjust the variable and then use the variables in the trigger on the main slide.

Attached is a rough sample file showing concept (no videos) . I also zipped and uploaded to Scormcloud and tested in IE11 - no issues unless I'm not understanding your requirement.

Here is a Peek video.


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