[SL360 bug] Initial state: Visited makes objects unresponsive.

Dec 08, 2020

As in the title - when initial state is set to visited the object becomes unresponsive (you cannot click or its state doesn't change to hover), like it would be in fact in a disabled state. 

Workaroung until that's fixed: Set state to visited using trigger, probably when the timeline of something starts. 

Special case (not included in attached story file): When you hover over such a inital visited button (and state doesn't change to hover of course), then hovering on another object doesn't work for once. You must 'prehover' it, move cursor away, and then another hover works. I can't find a possible cause - my button is in fact .png, so maybe there's problem. 

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Walt Hamilton

The cause is using a trigger you created to set an object to Visited state, or setting an object's initial state to Visited.

The reason is that all the built-in states (including Visited) have built-in superpowers that change them to the appropriate states as necessary. When you create competitors to those superpowers (setting initial states to Visited, or using your own trigger to change to one of those states), it creates conflicts. Those conflicts have sometimes spectacular, but seldom useful results, as you can see.

There is no workaround. What you need to do is change the Normal State to look like you want it to look initially, or if you can't do that, create your own state. Name it something that is not one of the built-in states, and set it to the initial state.