cursor remaining on hovered icon prevents disabled state

May 28, 2020

Hi there!  I'm having a strange issue that I'm having difficulties troubleshooting.  I've created a slide where users click on a 5 icon menu to learn about 5 problems with Gross Domestic Product.  When they hover over the icon (hotspot) the icon changes to a hover state.  When they click the icon (hotspot) a transparent circle changes from hidden to normal to "disable" the hotspot and the user is taken to a layer where that GDP problem is explained.  When the layer timeline finishes a trigger changes the state of the icon to a disabled grey and the user returns to the 5 icon screen.  The problem is that if you leave the cursor where you clicked the icon (which seems the likely thing for the user to do), once you return to the 5 icon screen the hover is still active (despite the transparent circle that was activated on top of the hotspot) and the state of the icon is normal instead of disabled. 

Everything works as I intended if the user were to click the icon and then move the cursor away but that seems unlikely. 

I'm sorry if this explanation is unclear.  Let me know if I can clarify anything. I'd be happy for any suggestions.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Gregory,

Happy to help here! I'm curious to know why you have both an oval and a hotspot for each icon, as it seems you only need the oval to trigger the same action.

There was quite a bit going on here, so I tried to simplify the action. Here are the steps I took on the Income Inequality section:

  1. I removed the hotspot.
  2. I replaced the hotspot triggers with the oval.
  3. I set the oval initial state to Normal.
  4. I added a trigger on the slide layer to disable the oval.

Once I returned to the base layer, the oval was disabled and I could no longer hover over the icon. You may have another reason for using the hotspots, but for this isolated slide, these steps made more sense. Take a look at the edited file and see if this works for you!

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