Adding a PDF

Aug 26, 2022

I would like a learner to be able to click on a link on a Storyline slide and download (or have open in a new browser window) a PDF. 

I want the PDF to be contained within the SCORM (not hosted elsewhere).

How do I achieve this? Thank you.

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Ed!

What a great idea to include a PDF in your course! 

I have a few articles I'd like to send your way to better assist you as you are developing: 

1. Storyline: How to Link to a Resource in the Course Player

This article walks you through the steps of attaching a file to your player so that you can also link to that same file from any slide in your course. 

2. Storyline 360: Attaching Resources

This article explains the process of Adding Resources, Editing Resources, Reusing Resources in Other Projects, Showing/Hiding the Resources Tab and Changing the Name of the Resources Tab. 

I hope this helps!