Adding a points system to custom buttons


I am trying to create a point system where the user clicks a custom button and earns points depending on the option they choose. For example, option 1 gives the user 5 points; option 2 provides the user with 3 points (and then the total amount of points is added up in a section on the screen as they go. How do I set this up?

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Judy Nollet

This post might help. It provides info about tracking custom quizzes/surveys: 

Note: The tracking described is for use within the course (e.g., for branching or to provide special feedback based on the responses). It won't send any of the info to an LMS.

Judy Nollet

I'll add a bit to Wendy's reply. As she said, create a number variable for the points. 

To display a variable, insert a Reference to it in your text:

Alternately, you can just type the name of the variable between percentage signs. For example: %totalPoints%

You'll need a separate trigger to add each of the sub-points to the total points. For that, use "Adjust variable" triggers that looks something like this: 

FYI: A set of these triggers is used on slide 2.4 of the demo I linked to in my earlier reply. The notes about that are on slide 2.7