Adding a Printable Certificate with Date Stamp

Sep 24, 2014

I'm trying to add a printable certificate to a course that will be available on our Intranet for a small group of employees who do not have LMS access.

I used the following tutorial to add a print button, so the learner could print the cert. I also followed the instructions to add a system date to the certificate so there would be a date stamp for the learner. However, when I publish and preview in IE11, it doesn't work - I just see %SystemDate% instead of the date.

What am I doing wrong? I've tried adding the Execute JavaScript trigger to the slide without success. It also doesn't work on the actual text field with the variable reference. 



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Steve Gannon

Nicole, you indicated in your post that you just see %SystemDate%. In that case, I'm thinking you have not defined SystemDate as a variable. Be sure you create a new variable called SystemDate in Storyline. It must be spelled exactly the same way (including case) as it appears in your JavaScript script. Also, be sure you create it as a Text variable, not numeric or True/False. Lastly, be sure there are no spaces between percent symbol at the beginning and end of your variable embedded on the slide.

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