Adding a SWF to the Storyline logo panel?

Jul 22, 2013


Is it possible to insert a SWF into the Storyline logo panel? I know I could do it in Presenter, hoping that SL supports it too.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Dave.

Yes, you can insert SWF movies into the logo panel in Storyline.

Simply mark the Logo box to add a logo to the topmost area of the player's sidebar. Use the Click to add a logo link and then select the image you want to use.

For best results, use an image that is a maximum of 200 pixels wide and 220 pixels high. If your image doesn't fit within those dimensions, you'll run into issues.

Justin Grenier

Hello again, Dave.

If you'd like to submit a Case without your files attached, we'd be happy discuss signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you have one before receiving your files privately.

In the absence of any files for troubleshooting, however, you may need to work with the individual who authored your .swf file to be certain that it meets our Flash movie best practices.

Good luck!

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Garry.

Does your .swf file meet our Flash movie best practices?  If so, and the problem persists, would you mind sharing both (a) your .story project file and (b) your .swf logo with us via a Support Case so that we can take a closer look?

Also, I'm not sure I understand what you mean letting the developer select .swf files like other images files.  I believe you can simply mark the Logo box, then use the Click to add a logo link and select the .swf file you want to use, can you not?

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Garry Hargreaves

Hi Ashley,

The problem is slightly mixed messages

From Justin in this thread

" Yes, you can insert SWF movies into the logo panel in storyline"

From Cleo via Articulate Support

The Player> Controls> Click to add logo option only accepts Picture file (*.emf; *.wmf; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jfif; *.png; *.bmp; *.gif; *.gfa; *.tif; *.tiff) formats. "Unlike Articulate Studio (Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage) applications, the Storyline Player does not support .SWF file. "

You can load the swf logo into the panel and it does not seem to preview or publish



Garry Hargreaves

From Articulate support team in Feb 2014

"I was able to replicate the issue where the SWF that I was trying to add to my Storyline Update 5 keeps getting lost. I consulted my Senior Engineers and advised me to report this issue to our Quality Assurance team for their review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be addressed. I would recommend, at this time, to take a different approach so that you continue working on your project by temporarily adding your logo on the slides. I will contact you as soon as I get any updates from our QA team. "

Seems to still be an issue.

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