Adding an end-user Grammar Checker using JavaScript


I am creating an e-learning module in Articulate Storyline 2.  The audience is 6th to 8th graders who are just beginning to use Word Processors to complete writing assignments in school.

The module will explain the danger of relying too heavily on built-in spelling and grammar checkers and demonstrate how the algorithms may overlook errors or misidentify something as an error when it is actually correct.  (For example, in the sentence "Little Women is a good book", the algorithm may identify "is" as an incorrect verb tense because the book title is plural.)  The idea is to emphasize the need to proofread and edit assignments before submitting them.

My question pertains to the feasibility of the project --- is it possible execute a javascript trigger that would activate an end-user grammar checking algorithm, such as the one available at

Would I follow the process of loading an external JavaScript file, as outlined in this discussion?

I am fairly new to JavaScript, so I could use some advice before getting started.



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