Adding Audio to Multiple Choice Graded Question

Jun 08, 2023

I have a question bank item that is multiple choice. Each choice has an audio file. When the slide plays, SL randomizes the responses, but because it is viewed as a question block, there is no way to place the audio with the exact answer option. So, the answers are randomized, but the audio options are not. Any idea how to repair or work around this issue? I have turned off 'Shuffle' for now; but am hoping for a better option.

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Lauren Connelly

I think I might've misunderstood your setup, Melanie! I understood it as you wanted to play audio after the user had submitted their answer choice, but reading it back, it sounds like you want a piece of audio to play when each answer choice is selected.

My colleague and I created this project where a different piece of audio plays when selecting each choice. We've added start and stop triggers so that the audio doesn't overlap. I'll attach it to this reply. Let me know if that is similar to what you had in mind!

Melanie Elick

Laura, I appreciate you trying to help! This situation is specific to using a Multiple Choice question type and the way the audio is played when it is randomized. I realize I didn't include that level of detail in my first question. This question bank is used during the lesson for 2 questions and again during the assessment for 2 additional questions. The preference is for the answers to by randomized, but when the MC responses are random the audio doesn't randomize to go with it. THAT is what I am trying to figure out.