Adding Cue Points Pausing Audio

In the past, I've added cue points to the timeline of the slide that contains audio by playing the audio and pressing "C."

However, I just tried this on multiple slides and when I press "C" it pauses the audio instead of adding a cue point. I read in another forum that I should reinstall Storyline, so I did. I reinstalled the program and then restarted my computer several times but the issue persisted. 

Any thoughts on what I should be doing? Or is there another way to add cue points as I'm listening to the audio?

Thanks in advanced for the input.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Casey!

This functionality is working for me. 

Are you utilizing the Play button on the bottom left of your timeline?

To add a cue point, right-click anywhere in the Timeline panel and select Create Cue Point At Playhead. Or, to add cue points on-the-fly, click the Play button in the lower-left of the timeline, and then press C on your keyboard at any point where you want to insert a cue point.