Cue Points in Translated Courses

Jul 11, 2014

I can set the cue points fine by myself when I'm developing a course in English. However, if I get that course translated, then someone who speaks the target language has to reset the cue points to match with the translated audio. I need some way to communicate where the cue points should go to that person. I would like to be able to put markers for the cue points in the English Notes (the notes are the script for the narration). Those markers would be preserved when the Notes were translated. Then the person setting the cue points on the foreign audio could read along with the translated Notes while listening to the translated audio and would know where to set the cue points. But I don't want those markers to apppear in the Notes when the course is published and it would be a big hassle to go through and remove them all.

Does anyone have a solution for setting cue points on translated audio when you don't speak the language?

Carolyn Herlin

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