Adding Excitement to Screen Recording Modules

Jan 25, 2023

All of my modules are created to demonstrate the use of patient medical charts for doctors and nurses. They are all based on screenrecordings. Does anyone have any tips for doing things within this that are a little more interesting? I have added interactive questions to break up the demonstrations but wonder if there is more that I can do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Deena Spencer

Thanks Tom, good suggestions! I will definitely look at it in that perspective on my next project. I have a lot of pressure to get these completed as fast as possible so I use alot of elements I previously created to save time. 

Some of the animations/inserts within storyline seem to be a bit dated or not as flexible as they could be? 2 examples are inserting the cursor animation, and also creating a focused spot in the screencast.
The cursor icon shows on the page even when I have not set it to appear on the timeline, as well as quite a few limitations to how it enters and at what speed the cursor makes the click. These don't appear to be able to be adjusted.

Also, what would be your suggestion on focusing on a particular area in the screencast while it is being spoken about? I am tired of just using boxes and arrows, and using the zoom feature seems to magnify the area and it becomes blurry.

Mike .

What Tom said. The demonstrations could be delivered by a character you make up in the story such as another doctor or trainer. Come up with some sort of a problem that you have to solve in the beginning i.e. you are a new RN and you've been assigned a new patient as part of your internship and need to diagnose a health problem they are having. As part of that the senior doctor / trainer teaches you about the medical charts, and during that process you then take what you've learned to review the actual medical chart of the patient you are diagnosing to solve their medical problem. Something like that...