SL2: How to create a pre-assessment for 8 modules?

Nov 11, 2014

Dear Hero's,

I have an assessment containing 80 questions, 10 for each module. This assessment serves as a kind of pre-assessment and I want them to give only feedback what modules they passed and what modules they failed.

If possible, I want to assess them on all 8 modules individually and the whole assessment is scored on the total of all modules. Each module should pass when 8 out of 10 questions are answered correctly and they need to pass all modules.

Depending in their score they should decide what modules they need to study. These modules are not part of the assessment test but referenced in the feedback. We do not even want to give them feedback (review test) what's the good answer, because these are in the learning modules.

For example, if the student has 70% of module 1 correct and 80% or more on the remaining 7 modules, the review results should only indicate them what module they need to do. The exact same questions are asked in the learning modules and can be reviewed there, so there is no need to give them the right answers in this pre-assessment test.

I wonder how I can set this up. I was thinking about creating 8 different sections, but gives this an advantage for reviewing the modules?


Any idea's how to set this up in SL2?


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Sjoerd de Vries

I am quite far with the project. I am wondering if it can enhanced a bit.

There are about 150 questions over 16 modules. I use the default module that display the questions.

In the menu, the links to the result slides are not displayed. is this how it is intended? I would like it when the result slide for each module is available after performing that module. Is it possible to get the result slides in the default menu?

Sjoerd de Vries

It works in Chrome.

So this is how I set this up. I insert a slide with a "Start test", then the Assessment from a question bank, then a page "ready for results" and then the result slide.


For the menu I renamed the pages. The first page contains the title, the test simply the word "Start test", so it appears in this way in the menu:


  • Collapse the items before saving. The last state will be displayed in the published version
  • Make sure the Slide titles are as how you want them in the menu. It makes it easier when you have to reset the menu.
  • I used the indent feature to have all modules on the first level and the start test and show result page on the second level.
  • Set the option (in the menu the Gear button)  to auto number (see preview on the right)
  •  Also set if you want to display all the questions from the bank (I did not want this, the learner can review after the quiz). 

For the result slide I adapted Wendy's idea to use a change state trigger. It will change a state to passed when the Results.ScorePercent < 80 or to passed when it is => 80.



 I also noticed an option on the Result Slide to print the answers. It's a great feature, but then all correct and incorrect answers are printed. Sometimes useful, but a student can also forward the answers to others.

So I tested the feature not to have the print option on each result per assessment, but on the final result slide, I did use the print option because it then displays the score per module.


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