Pre-test and Posttest in One Course

Feb 16, 2015


I have a client who would like to give participants the option to test out of the course via a Pre-test. The Pre-test will be the same questions but needs to be separate from the Posttest since the Posttest has feedback and the Pre-test will not. They also want the participants to only pass the Pre-test if they get 100%, but the Posttest will only require 80% to pass.

My question is: will their LMS be confused by 2 tests/results slides? Participants should receive credit for completing the course by passing ONE of the tests successfully. I am publishing for Scorm 1.2 (using another LMS is not an option).

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Emily Ruby

Hello Carrie!

You can add 2 quizzes into the course. One way to set this up would be to have a separate results slide for the pre and post test, then a final results slide at the end that will calculate the score from both results slides. You can then report using this final slide to the LMS.  You may need to adjust the final results slides passing score, as they may only take the pre test. 

Carrie F

Thank you, Emily, for your reply! I have read the instructions and have 2 concerns for my specific situation:

1. The Tip after Step 3 says that learners would have to visit each of the tracked result slides to complete the course. I would like for learners to be able to A. Skip the pre-test if desired and B. If they take and pass the pre-test to get credit without completing/visiting the posttest.

2. The learner has to pass the pre-test with a score of 100% in order to pass. It doesn't appear from Step 3 that I could set the final results slide to allow for the 100% requirement for the pre-test OR the 80% requirement for the posttest.

Thank you!

Carrie F

My biggest concern is my first question--do learners have to visit each of the tracked result slides to complete the course?

I want learners to be able to be able to pass the pre-test without taking the posttest at all/visiting the posttest results slide, which seems impossible when I read the Tip under Step 3 of your link.


Emily Ruby

Hello Carrie,

You could have them jump to a results slide without them knowing by using variables. If the pass the pre test you can set a true/false variable to change to True, then have that slide jump to the next results slide if they pass. On the second results slide have a trigger to jump to the final results slide on timeline start  if the variable is = true.

Attached is a basic example of this.

Carrie F

I have one more question--for the combined points from each quiz, if I set it to 80%, is the user going to fail when taking only one test or the other?

I am wondering if Storyline is looking at say 100% for the pretest plus 0% for the posttest, if it will average the two and think the user only got 50% and report a failure to pass to the LMS.

So, should it be set to say 40% (half of the posttest in case they take only the posttest)?


Emily Ruby

Hello Carrie!

You would need to adjust the final slide to account for if they only take the one. You could test 40% and see if that works when taking one or the other or both. This is why it would matter as the whether or not you need them to see the score, as 40% does not look as good as 80 or 100 on the final, but if passing is the only requirement, you could set that final score to whatever works to get them to pass :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leanna! How do you have the tracking set for the quiz?

If your example is like mine, then it is because you are only taking one quiz.

You will need to set up custom variables to display the score.

Traditionally, having 'results of results' is designed to be cumulative and not necessarily the branching that you've designed here. Not sure if someone in the community will be able to further assist you with your design request.

Leslie McKerchie

You can only report on Result Slide to your LMS. In the example that I originally shared with you, that is why the setting was set to combine points and the passing score was at least 50% because the expectation is that at least one needs to be passed.

If you need a more complex set up than that, it is not standard functionality and perhaps someone in the community will be able to further assist you with this design.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kennth and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're looking to create a similar project.

When publishing a course with a quiz to track a results slide, you will only be able to track one result slide. If you were looking to track multiple, take a look here.

Wendy shared a solution with a sample file here if you'd like to take a look and I hope others will chime in with solutions that work well for them.

Kenneth Sprague

Hello Leslie,

I took the info presented in this discussion:

I reworked this info and the samples provided it to derive  a .story file that will report to the LMS

90% if the Pretest is passed
80% if the Content quiz (post test) is passed

I used variables and OR conditions on the triggers to set radio buttons to True on 8 or 9 T/F questions out of 10  respectively.  The results of these on a Final results page is reported to the LMS.

This is a better solution for what I need because now I can distinguish between which test was passed.   Of course you could do it with only two questions, but I wanted the records to reflect the achievement of the minimum passing thresholds for each quiz respectively.