Pre-test and Posttest in One Course


I have a client who would like to give participants the option to test out of the course via a Pre-test. The Pre-test will be the same questions but needs to be separate from the Posttest since the Posttest has feedback and the Pre-test will not. They also want the participants to only pass the Pre-test if they get 100%, but the Posttest will only require 80% to pass.

My question is: will their LMS be confused by 2 tests/results slides? Participants should receive credit for completing the course by passing ONE of the tests successfully. I am publishing for Scorm 1.2 (using another LMS is not an option).

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Garima Kumari


I have a course with Test down approach where learner have to review the topic based on the result they got during Test down. If they pass the test down they will be redirected to final "Thank you" slide meaning, they can skip the topic. And if they fail the Test down they have to go through the topic followed by a small quiz again. Now altogether I have three result slide including "Thank You" slide as result slide. Although I can mark completion and can track score if I go through second quiz but I am not able to track score and mark completion if I pass the Test down. Both the quiz are different.

I have attached a story file . Please help!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Garima!

It sounds like you're looking to track a specific results slide based on which quiz the learner takes! Currently, you can track one results slide in Storyline. 

I know many community members have found workarounds for passing multiple scores to an LMS! Here's a similar thread.