Adding HTML/JS/CSS attachments to Storyline 360

Jun 20, 2019

I'm moving from Lectora to Storyline and one thing I cannot seem to find an equivalent functionality to, is attaching external HTML/JS/Other resources to be packaged with my course. 

Specifically I have a zipped video player (JWPlayer) which when unpacked in Lectora accepts custom JS code that accepts URI encoded attributes from my video content management system. I iFrame / embed this local player in my course so that media can be loaded into it from the external VCM without an additional authentication. 

Is there a way to import my zipped player, unpack it in storyline, then add an iFrame to point to that player?

thank you,


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Eric Madsen

Michael, now that I've been able to upload my player I can't seem to be able to pass any URL parameters to it. Here's an example - 


I'd like to load the player_folder once and reuse it for all the videos in a particular course. The content is all loaded from a server (AWS) with whitelisting enabled for our LMS(s) domains.

I'm thinking that the local web object (player) isn't going to let me add these URL parameters. Is that the case?



Michael Anderson

No, you can't change the URL of the web object with any supported method (there's always a way to do anything) but you could have some javascript in your web object that checks for a variable in Storyline that contains the data you want to pass to it.

I generally use a setInterval to check the Storyline variable every 500ms or so. There are more elegant methods but they are not supported, such as referencing functions within the WO. You could probably also locate the iframe of the WO and change it's URL on the fly.

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