Adding letter choices to quiz template

Jul 27, 2016

I created a quiz with 115 questions in the pool (40 questions chosen for the learner).  Some have multiple choice answers (but only one is correct) and others are just "true and false" answers.  Some of the multiple choice answers say "both b and c" (or other letters) for a choice.  While creating the quiz, the multiple choice answers template has a letter by each choice, but when you look at it in preview mode, there are no letters next to the choices.  How do I go back to all these slides to have letters put by the choices?  Do I have to go in and write them all in manually?  Thank you for any advice. - JSY

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Julie York

Thank you, Christie.  Since I have already created all the questions, I guess I will have to go through each slide to see which refer to particular answers (with letters), then I will have to add them.  Might be nice in the next Storyline upgrade if when choosing a question type, that we can choose a multiple choice slide with either letters or numbers by the answers.  Thanks again! -JSY

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