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Nov 09, 2012


I would like to know if there is a way of adding a logo to the player in the bottom bar. I am only able to add a logo above the menu. I need it to be in the same bar where the previous and next buttons are situated.



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Jannicke Wilhelmsen


We were having the same trouble and found no other way than to hide previous/next buttons on the slide and instead make our own buttons (which look exactly the same, but tey are added to each slide). Then you have full control over the buttons and the logo placement. You can copy/paste to each slide so it is not that much work.

(The buttons are in Norwegian, but you see how we did it.)

Jerson  Campos

Challenge Completed!

So I went into the CSS file and fidled around a bit. Here is the final result.  The only think is that it can only be seen in html5 compatible browsers and this only works when viewing the html5 file. I'm still going to mess around with the other file this weekend.

REMEMBER you have to view this in html5 compatible browser like firefox. Here is the link. if you want to view it for yourself.  I was able to make the logo appear in front of the entire slide, I compacted the seek bar and navigation buttons  and even customized the menu and resources tab background.  REMEMBER you have to view

Jerson  Campos

So I think i figured out a workaround for the html version of the player. I went in the file and added a skin over the swf file. This was a little tricky because I had to change some of the JS code. I couldn't make any adjustments to the player itself so I cut out holes in the skin for the buttons. One problem though, you can't interact with any of the buttons or the player itself because the skin is covering those areas even if it is transparent. But this means you could easily add a logo to anywhere on the top portion of the player as long as it doesn't cover any buttons.

Here is a link

Jerson  Campos

I sent in a feature request.

 For the storyline html file, I think the player is developed with the frame.swf file and imports the data in the xml file since it only contains settings and color schemes. If I knew how the swf file was importing that data or if I can get the source file for frame.swf than I could probably create new skins for storyline.

Royston Fredericks

Hi everyone, thanks for all the great help. Im not brave enough to play around with the coding side of things but thats also because I dont have any experience in that avenue. Jannicke I went with your suggestion because by removing the players buttons and adding my own I was able to essentially add in the company logo in the exact position I wanted it just that it was now part of the actual design template.

Would be great to have this feature built in though so thanks for sending in the feature request Jerson. Great stuff with what you did as well, looks awesome.

Thanks again everyone,



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