Adding MP4 to run from trigger

I've added a button with a trigger to one of my slides to run a MP4 file. I can set it up to run in another window with no problem. My problem is when I set the trigger to run the file, it appears as a large rectangle on top of my slide blocking everything on the slide. So when I test my file it is just one big black rectangle. This is the first time I have run into this issue, and have no problems with SWF files.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you!


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Gerry Wasiluk

1) Have the video on a lightbox slide.  Your trigger just invokes the lightbox slide.

2) Use two slides that look like one to the user.  Put the video on slide 2 and have it the size you want.  Have it play when the slide is accessed.  Take a screenprint of the video's first frame and put it on the first slide in the same spot.  Put a play button on it that's just a trigger that moves to the next slide.  If using the side TOC menu, be sure to remove slide 2 from the TOC.

3) Have the video as a web object.  Have the controls to play the video on the video itself in the web object.