Trouble with Slide Layers

Feb 16, 2021

I seem to have hit a snag on how to make my layers stay visible after another layer is clicked. I have tried to play with the visibility buttons both on the Timeline and Slide Layers but no luck. 

(see attached)

I am hoping to have each slide layer remain visible after each rectangle is clicked. I also have a Trigger set up so that one of the layers is triggered to appear after the rectangle states are "Visited". But it seems that when the states are visited, same as my original problem, all of my layers seem to disappear and I am left with only one layer being shown at one time. The only thing I can get to work is my Base Layer still appears visible. 


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Walt Hamilton

If a layer has a background image or fill, it will cover other layers, even if the properties are set not to hide them. You might try setting the background to a high degree of transparency, otherwise you have to remove it. Lately, I have seen layers picking up a white background by default, so you don't notice it.