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Sep 10, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to create a slide were the learner enters numbers into several data enter fields, I want those numbers to be totaled in one field. I figured out the basics but each time a new number is entered the total doesn't reflect the correct answer. I'm sure I'm forgetting something very simply but I just can't figure it out. I attached a copy of my test file any and all help would be appreciated. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Barb! I think if you add one more trigger to your Calculate button, you'll be okay. Add a trigger that sets the variable called "Total" to zero, and put that trigger first in the list, before the "Add" triggers. That way, each time the learner clicks Calculate, the total is zeroed out first (so it doesn't retain any previous values the user might have used in the calculation) and then the values get added together.

Mindy Thomas Fulk

I need this dumb'ed down a little more for me I have three numbers to add - each question has a differnet number calculation for a grand total and i don't know how to enter the variables to be added. Can you help

Question 1 - answer is rating scale 1-40

Question 2 - answer is Yes (value 10) or No (value 0)

Question 3 - answer is a (value 2), answer b (value 5) or answer c (value 10)

for grand total

Jeanette Brooks

Attached at the bottom of this post is a very rough version of what I'd do (and this will also work fine if you want to send learners' score to an LMS). With this approach, you don't have to write any triggers to do the calculations - since the questions are Storyline quiz questions, the calculations are done for you.

Question 1: create 40 small buttons and arrange them on a scale. Use the Convert to Freeform option to convert the slide to a Pick One question. Choose No Feedback and Score By Answer. Then assign point values to each button, 1 to 40.

Question 2: Insert a multiple choice question. See this tutorial if you need help. Choose No Feedback and Score By Answer. Assign 10 points to Yes and 0 points to No.

Question 3: Insert another multiple choice question. Choose No Feedback and Score By Answer. Assign 2, 5, and 10 points respectively.

Then insert a result slide. This allows Storyline to automatically tally the sum of the points (Storyline creates a variable called %Results.ScorePoints% for you, which you can include on your result slide). You can also, of course, customize the result slide with other info, text, pictures, etc. to make it look however you want.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mindy, you mentioned you want to provide the mp3 for later use... can you say a little more about what you want that to look like? Do they need the actual mp3 file itself, or do you want them to listen to something later and then act on what they hear? If it's the latter, you could always provide the audio clip via a tab on the course player - that way they could come back to the course any time and listen to the audio you've provided for them.

Jeanette Brooks

OK, well there are a few ways you could approach this. This quick mock-up shows 4 ways. I think probably #3 or #4 would suit your situation best, because this would allow learners to download the actual file, rather than opening and listening to it on the spot. Basically it just involves hosting your mp3 file someplace online, and inserting a link to that location, either on a player tab or on a button that you insert on a slide.

Mindy Thomas Fulk

Jeanette this has been perfect. And I really appreciate your help. I came back to this post just to ask you for help again - hope you don't mind. I did look at some posts on this topic but they guys were talking way over my head.

I am using ya'lls LMS (articulate online) to manage our programs and i need to add a certificate.  It will need to be able to either be emailed or printed. is it possible? I added our certificate. 

Thanks a mil.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Mindy,

I'm sorry, currently Articulate Online doesn't offer the ability to print or email a certificate of completion - that would make a really good feature request though. In the meantime, one approach you could try would be to create an on-screen certificate like David explains in this tutorial, and on the slide where you display the certificate, you could instruct learners to print the screen using their browser's Print function (ctrl+p).

Jeanette Brooks

That too would make a great feature request (the ability to get "push" notifications when people complete your content). Currently there isn't a feature like that within Articulate Online, so yeah, you'd want to periodically view your data in Articulate Online to see who has completed your course. The Activity Report in Articulate Online is a good tool for that, and you can choose the date range on which you'd like to report. 

Mindy Thomas Fulk

Jeanette, Looking back at you post on Nov. 7 is it possible to do the same for entering numbers instead of selecting a word that has a value?

I am trying to do a series of questions for a budget so their expenses would add up to a total.

Something like:

Rent (they would enter in the amount)

Car Note (they would enter in the number)

Phone (...)

and so forth and the total to show them their monthly expenses.

Super Thanks

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