Adding points as Lessons are completed

Jan 23, 2020

I this information is here but I can't find it.  I want to create a course progress that updates by adding a certain number (percentage) as learners complete each lesson of the course.  The lessons can be completed in any order and each one has a different value, based on their duration.  So I guess I am trying to keep score.  I seem to remember something about maybe adding a reference and then adding # to it if variable A is set to True.  Can someone please link me to a resource?

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Christina Bush

This would work EXCEPT that each slide is worth a different amount due to their duration.  Example: One slide has a video that is 2 minutes long and another slide has a video 5 minutes long, with the total course duration being 25 minutes. So the first one should add around 1% progress but the second should add around 20% progress.

Randy Hill

So it sounds like you are just looking to create a number variable maybe TotalProgress with an initial value of 0. Then for each slide you would add a specific number to that variable. So at the end of slide 1 you would have a trigger that says adjust variable TotalProgress to add 1. You can either set the trigger on slide end or a specific point in the timeline. Then for slide 2 you would just adjust the variable TotalProgress to add 20 at slide end. Then where ever you want to show the variable on the screen you just put it as " You are %TotalProgress%% through the course" Or something like that. You would have to manually adjust the numbers to equal 100% that way but to me is the easiest way to do custom percentages for the whole course.


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