Variables, triggers and states

Jul 20, 2016

I am trying to resolve some problems in a course involving states, variables and triggers.

I have multiple lessons in a course.  I added one True/False variable for each lesson in the course.  The learner can choose from any lesson on a menu of lessons page at the beginning of the course (scene 1).

On the last page of a lesson, I added a trigger that would switch the corresponding variable to true when the timeline starts (see below).

After completion of the lesson, the learner is returned to the menu of lessons page where they can choose another lesson.  However, I added a change state trigger to the selection shape (button) that is supposed to change the state of that shape to something noticeably different than the normal state (see below).

I have tried adding a condition to the trigger stating Lesson1 equal to true.  However, no matter what I do, I cannot get the shape to change to the completed state. 

The reason I added the custom state of completed is because I noticed that when the user clicks the shape, it starts to go to the state of visited.  I don't want that happening because I don't want the learner to think they have completed the lesson when they haven't. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, the learner has returned to the Menu of Lessons page and the corresponding variable did change from False to True as evidenced by the reference.  However, the state of the Home Page Lesson shape did not change.  It is still in either the normal or visited state. 

The slide properties is set to Automatically Decide. 

Any help is greatly appreciated as this is getting a bit frustrating.

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