Adding points to a score when timeline ends?


I'm building a game in Storyline using custom graphics, everything is going well except for adding points to a slide without any interaction from the user. Would anyone know of the best way to do this?

Currently all slides are 'pick one' slides with a results slide.

What I would like to happen:

After 11 seconds on slide, 10 points are automatically added to score and slide advances.

My imperfect logic on how it should work:

  1. After 11 seconds, add 10 points to score.
  2. Then advance to next slide or programmed slide.

Your awesome solution


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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you want. On slide 2 I have a Pick one question that is offstage and an additional offstage object, which after 11 sec. selects the correct answer, submits the interaction and then jumps to the next slide. Hope that helps.